Hungry Baby

April 2, 2012

Joe has gone, within a week, from not ever having tried solids… to eating four solid meals today of four different types.

Turns out he liked cereal, as of last week.  Great.  Messy, but great.  I think I tried the cereal with the girls at about five months, but none of them took to it until about six and a half.

So this weekend I tried banana and sweet potato, my two go-tos for this in-between stage.  Both hits.

Then tonight, AFTER Sean fed him a bowl of sweet potato AND he nursed for quite some time, I caught him diving at my bowl of steamed broccoli.  I smushed up a bit and put it in his mouth with my fingers.  He didn’t lose any.  Wound up taking a couple biggish sprigs, mushing them up, and feeding them to him with a baby spoon.  He went nuts for it and was quite put out when it was all gone and I was still eating mine.


In other Joe milestone news, we moved him into size 3 diapers as of last week.  He’s getting way into sitting in the walker.  He’s completely out of the swaddle and belly sleeping 100% of the time.  He’s still taking about 15-16 oz milk at school, including about an ounce or two with cereal.  And he’s still waking up at night… every 2-3 hours.  I’m really, really over that.

Where did this hungry little boy come from?  Where’s my tiny baby?


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