In Diet/Exercise News

April 2, 2012

I’ve been lazy since my race.  Still running, but also eating a ton more junk than I need to- stopped easing downward and put back on maybe two pounds.  Well, the training plan for my 5K started today (with just lower-body strength work) so I’m turning over a new leaf and getting good about staying on calorie counts again.

Sean and I started a Facebook running group which is becoming lots of fun.  That’s going to help keep me motivated.  And SEAN is doing, like, amazingly well!  I’m so thrilled he’s getting into it!

Can’t wait for the 5K race.  Looking at another half-marathon as well in late September (my next one’s in early September).  Hmmmm…. have to think about this.  Childcare’s an issue for us with races.  We might have to just take turns, as much more fun as it would be to go together.


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