Easter Miracle

April 8, 2012

Now 3 nights in a row excellent sleep from Joe, from whatever time I fed him last (1030, 10, 1115) until just about precisely 530 am.  I am so pleased with this.

The Easter Bunny came this morning, bringing tin buckets with stickers, gardening shovels, spray bottles (to help Mommy clean), and candy.  Oh, and the movie The Muppets, which I’m psyched for.  Haven’t seen it yet.

I felt like FailMom since I didn’t plan an Easter breakfast.  My mom always made pancakes or waffles, and Sean’s mom would never fail to produce some sort of eggs and bacon even on a normal, non-holiday weekend morning.  (Sean: “Don’t feel bad.  She LIKES cooking.”  Me: “So do I!”)

I remember on Catherine’s first Easter she was a newborn.  On her second, we did an Easter basket which I recall included “baby candy”… those Gerber graduate freeze-dried fruit thingys.  She was a bit over a year old.  Little did I imagine at the time that, four years down the line, I’d be perfectly fine with popping regular candy into the mouth of a year-old-baby.  Talk about laziness.  (Not that I have a baby that age at the moment, but yeah.)


One Response to “Easter Miracle”

  1. neefp said

    Hey – the Easter bunny came, didn’t he/she? Get Sean to plan the Easter breakfast from now on, you’re busy. Happy Easter. Maybe next Easter you can all come over to Nana’s house.

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