Some Good, Some Bad

April 11, 2012


  • Work is insane.  It’s stressing me out.  Just too MUCH of it.
  • Why did it get cold again?
  • The geese are back for the spring in my work parking lot.  I hate geese.
  • Dear Game of Thrones, please to stop doing awful things to babies.  Thanks.
  • I’m fretting about the daycare thing.  I haven’t been able to get ahold of the state inspector from the Dept. of Social Services.  Trying.  Don’t think it makes a difference, truthfully.  I suspect that it will be a warning and maybe a seminar for them.
  • But I’m more worried about the teacher being fired because they know this will eventually get out among the parents (not from us, but the other teachers all know, and that’s a largish group) and they know people will wonder why they didn’t.  It just sounds bad.  I’m actually wondering if they might send a letter home or something about it putting it out there so no one thinks they covered it up.
  • It’s just eating at me.  I really REALLY don’t want Miss Tracy to lose her job.
  • R has had a rough week both at school and home.  Demanding and oversensitive and prone to breaking into sobs at stupid things and not following instructions.  The F-You Fours are coming early for her.  At least C has grown out of that phase.  Thank god.
  • The house is a mess.  I’m having trouble keeping up with it.  Alice has been REALLY insane lately with throwing things around.


  • Fortunately, C has been good about helping clean, very helpful and obedient and pleasant.
  • A has gotten VERY affectionate lately and gives excellent kisses where she just careens into my face.
  • My husband is a sweetie and may be turning into me.  He ran today and is now reading Atlas Shrugged.  I may be able to hook him into reading Hunger Games.
  • I dyed my hair black and it looks ridiculous but people seem to appreciate the humor of it.
  • I dropped about five pounds.  I’m now down to a weight I haven’t seen since 1999 or 2000… as in, starting to break 125.
  • I have rediscovered sangria.  I may have to work more on this recipe.
  • Work is good as far as some things.  My paralegal is really picking up the ball on organization and putting things together for me which… thank god.
  • My parents are coming to visit, and Dad’s officially retiring!  The girls (except Alice) are going to see Mamma Mia for Mother’s Day!  Then we have Joe’s baptism and the 5K race at the end of May.  My sister will even be here too.
  • Not to get political on my public blog, but I’m pleased about Rick Santorum dropping out of the race.
  • Vegetables were good this week.  We’re eating tons of asparagus and tomorrow I’m going to feast on broccoli.  I have also been eating a lot of egg salad due to last weekend’s holiday.  Yum.

4 Responses to “Some Good, Some Bad”

  1. neefp said

    Call the cleaning lady and you will feel better. Love you and see you soon

  2. Deb Warren said


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