April 16, 2012

So there’s a sweet spot for babies where they can’t be placed on a bed unsupervised.  When they’re tiny, no problem.  I mean, you still shouldn’t let them sleep there overnight alone or anything, but you can park an infant in the center of a king-sized bed safely for a moment or two.  Also, once they hit about 1, 1.5 and can safely get on and off furniture.

But from about… 5 months to 1 year… a baby should not be placed on a bed alone.  I was reminded of that today when I set Joe in the CENTER of our bed and went into the closet to tie my shoes.  The most he ever does is roll onto his tummy, so he should be fine, still a 4 foot buffer to the edge, right?

I was in the closet, heard a THUMP, and jumped.  Then I remembered the cat prowling around and figured I’d just heard him climbing up to check the baby.  No crying, so Joe didn’t fall.  Right?

Yeah, not so much.  But he didn’t fall to the floor.  No, he managed to do his long-distance rolling to the foot of the bed and fall OFF the bed INTO his cradle which sits there… so he only fell 12 inches and landed on a mattress.  No lie.  When I came out, he was just laying there looking a bit confused.  Bullet dodged.  Thank god.  Note to self.

In other news, I’m finally seeing some of the inconsolable fussiness Sean gets in the afternoons from him.  I think it has to do with him being big enough now to know what he can’t do… walk, play, talk, ask for things… and being ticked he can’t.  Poor kiddo.  Rachel was a lot the same way and he’s giving her a run for her money in hardest baby in the house category.


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