Feed the Baby

April 18, 2012

Tonight, Joe took his first foray past purees and ate baked spaghetti for dinner.  No, really.  I mushed it up with the side of a fork- essentially spaghetti, ground turkey, sauce, and cheese- and he ate a whole (baby-sized) bowl.

I still remember quite well the day that R, at about 7 months, started lunging for a bowl of minestrone soup I was eating.  She’d been on purees and cereal a month or so, and was VERY interested in my soup.  So I mashed up a piece of potato and fed it to her.  Then a piece of carrot.  Then I went ahead and mashed a whole bowl (the same set of baby bowls, now that I think of it) of the soup in general, and she ate the whole thing.  It was my first experience with the idea that pretty early on, I could just feed the kids whatever we were having.

This opened up a whole new world for me… with C, I’d made her food for quite a while and fed her mush- pureed veggies, poached and shredded chicken, a lot of yogurt and applesauce and sweet potatoes.  With R, I went right to real food after that night with the soup.  With A, she only did cereal a couple times.  And with Joe, not only is he into real food quickly, he’s done it earlier than any of his sisters.

Of course, this is all within reason, and well smushed for now, and adapted… and knowing we don’t have food allergies running in our family and keeping an eye for any bad reactions.  But I think we’re already passing that “mushy baby food” phase I can’t stand and into the food.  Nice.  Now we just need him to start being able to put it into his own mouth.  For now, I feed him spoonfuls.  He opens his mouth like a baby bird, gets fed, loses about 1/4-1/2 of what I put in his mouth, I scrape it off his chin and let him swallow the rest, and then  he starts jumping and kicking his legs to let me know when he wants another bite.

Lord, is he ever cute.


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