April 19, 2012

So I’ve been meaning to work strength training into my running.  Especially after my half-marathon, I really REALLY REALLY meant to.  But I’d rather run.  Or sleep.  And I can tote Alice’s 35-lb ass around without too much trouble, so how much strength work could I really need?

Then last night, I realized I’d felt good all week and wanted to do an extra run this morning, but I didn’t think it would be a great idea to put a run between intervals day and hills day.  So I was all, awwww.  Then I was all, hey, I’ll try that Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred DVD I bought at Costco months ago!

(I have a relationship with Jillian.  I never really watched Biggest Loser except for a bit here and there, but about  a year ago I became a religious listener of her podcast.  She is responsible for my replacing all our tupperware with glass containers.  And for less red meat.  And more washing of veggies that might have pesticides.  I love her since I love the type of person who bosses me around in an affectionate way.  And she’s now breaking my heart on a weekly basis since she’s trying to adopt and talking about the whole learning to be a mom thing, and how badly she wants to bring her new daughter home from Haiti.  Oh, Jillian.  I want to hug you.)

Anyway.  So I broke out the DVD, and almost started at level 2, since I was so optimistic it would be easy and it was only a 20 minute workout, and I’m in good shape, yo!


Famous last words.

My arms were jelly before the first strength segment was over.  And my legs.  And my abs… don’t DO that.

I was just a big ball of limpness all day, and only just now, I’ve started to be in pain.  OH MY GOD.  How does this WORK?  How can I tote a 15 pound baby in one arm and a 35 pound toddler in the other with relative ease (if the toddler doesn’t wiggle) but I can’t do this?

I have no idea but I need to start doing it more often, because it’s offensive to me that I’m so weak, and because I want to do one of those obstacle mud races eventually.

In other news, my size 4 jeans are now too loose around the waist and I’m weighing in around 124.  I’m flabbergasted by this.


One Response to “Jillian”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Ok, Miss I’m-too-small-for-my-size-fours…I could really start to hate you now. Especially after four kids…..

    On another note: That’s why I don’t DO those tape thingies…..they make them seem SO easy, and then WHAMO! You’re a puddle of whimpering why’d-I-do-that! afterwards….

    Jillian’s would just kill me. Flat out.

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