Me and the Kids

April 22, 2012

Sean went today to a fraternity thing in Richmond.  I stayed with the tribe.  Actually, not that bad, despite the fact that it POURED ALL DAY:

1. Rachel and Catherine either played with C’s computer or watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, broken up by a nice long bubble bath spent playing together.

2. I got ALL the laundry done.  This is unheard of to have it all done before Sunday evening.

3. I got ALL the kitchen stuff done and clean, up to and including everything for tomorrow.

4.  J took a wonderfully long nap, then puked all over everything.  He clearly prefers real food over baby cereal.

5. A was moderately good but then started flinging powdered laundry detergent.

Oh yeah, and this morning, I took A’s diaper off to try her on the potty, then sent her to Sean with a new one, which she dropped along the way, then neither of us knew she wasn’t wearing one and she pooped on the floor, then we got so distracted cleaning it up that we forgot to get one on her and she peed on my chair.  Um.  This has led us both to conclude (through a series of discussions I can’t quite reconstruct) that it’s at last time to recarpet our upstairs.  Message left for Ian The Tile Guy, who also does things like carpet.  I’m thinking a stain resistant berber.

Just get potty trained already, okay, kid?


2 Responses to “Me and the Kids”

  1. neefp said

    Let’s do that potty thing when we are there. We’ll bang it out (so to speak) in less than 2 weeks.

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