Updates on the Rugrats

April 23, 2012

C: The daycare director told us today she was one of three kids in her class she thought was particularly bright and would do well in kindergarten, no problem.  Kindergarten registration’s in two weeks!

R: Has been very whiny lately.  Is newly obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I agree with anything pony, so that’s good for me.

J: popped his first tooth on Saturday.  I noticed it when he was chewing on my knuckles while we walked around Target Sat evening.  Bottom center left, and the bottom center right’s not going to be far behind.  He ate baked beans for dinner tonight.

A: Daycare update.  Sean and I chatted with the director today and told her the new stuff we’d found out about from DSS, and told her we understood why she couldn’t say anything before.  Another piece of the puzzle filled in- Miss Tracy and her co-teacher Miss Erika didn’t get along, apparently for a long time, because Miss Erika wanted to be a head teacher.  It was definitely Erika who brought all this forward as we suspected.  The director seems to think Miss Erika’s stories were either false or greatly exaggerated, and in any event she’s furious Erika would store this up for a year if she really felt Miss Tracy had done things wrong.  So, they’re both gone.

The director is a very sweet lady and I feel bad for her.  (She’s also the mother of Catherine’s teacher, which explains why she knows a lot about C particularly).  She’s thinking of putting cameras in the classrooms now and never thought she’d need to.  Probably not a bad idea.  Not that you’d need to watch them like security videos, but they’d be there for a case like this.

Alice’s new teacher, Miss Bridget, was pulled in on last-minute notice since she is the niece of the fantastical Miss Joyce, who deals with the school-aged kids.  I figure if she’s “kin to Joyce”, as the director said, she has to be good.  Joyce is a wizard with children.  Simply incredible.  (Fun fact: Miss Joyce, who I think has more magical powers over kids than any teacher there, has no kids of her own, though she has nieces and nephews and older stepchildren.)


3 Responses to “Updates on the Rugrats”

  1. neefp said

    Are we surprised that C is more than ready for kindergarten? No we are not. Glad everything is working out at the daycare and I am going to give R a whole bunch of attention when we get there.

  2. Deb Warren said

    Hrm….the daycare Autumn went to had cameras in it, for several reasons, not the least of which was because it was a military facility and had/has strict regulations that must be followed and recordings help to ensure that in any questionable event they can be reviewed to see if those regulations are being followed. They’re also there to make sure everything is safe and secure.
    I can’t say I’m really surprised about the one teacher gunning for the other’s job..though it was lousy of her to do all that junk. I’ve seen it in other fields, where you’d think people would just be grown up about things. Sad really.

    I’m not surprised about C being ready for Kgarten either. Every time you post about her, I get the sense that she’s a bright, well adjusted young lady who has a handle on things that she needs to, and she certainly seems well prepared. She likes to learn, is interested in reading and counting, so yeah…she’ll do really well in Kgarten, so long as she can get along with her classmates and the adjustment…but she doen’st seem terribly shy so I think she’ll be fine.

    Good luck with R. She could just be hitting a rough patch. I think Autumn did the same at 3, and hopefully with her Nana visiting she’ll turn right around.

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