April 24, 2012

Ian’s coming this weekend!  He’s the guy who did our bathroom tile.  Here’s the list of what we need estimates on:

  1. Carpet.  I’ve had it.  I’ve been resisting wanting to recarpet our stairs and upstairs because we have small kids who spill and will for a while, but it’s JUST GROSS.  The carpet is 15 years old, ragged in several places, and the dog had a pee spot for a while which I just can’t not smell no matter how many times it’s been washed.  There are some red stains in our room where Alice opened up a bottle of cough syrup.  EW.  So yeah.  Ian quoted us a good ballpark estimate last time we saw him, and we’re going to go for it.  I want to do a taupeish multicolor berber of a stain-resistant variety.
  2. Sean painted the trim out front but can’t get to the top ledge over the girls’ window.  I won’t let him climb on the tall ladder.  So, that.
  3. Need to tile the laundry closet.  Should have enough tile left.  Should have done it when we did the rest, but forgot.
  4. We’re thinking of converting the dining room to a guest room.  Doors?  Drywall?
  5. Speaking of drywall, the garage needs it.

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