Bullet Points

May 10, 2012

  • Alice gashed her head open Sunday night running into the corner of Sean’s desk when I told her to go show Dad her pajamas.  There was a lot of blood.  Fortunately, neither Sean nor I are liable to panic about that sort of thing.  Mopped her up and he took her to the ER, where she got three stitches and met a therapy dog.  Apparently it took three people to hold her down while getting stitched.  She’s bounced right back and got the stitches out today.
  • Joe had his 6 month appt today.  He’s 16 pounds and 26.25 inches long.  Big boy!  All perfectly healthy, got shots, yadda yadda.
  • Sean took all four kids to the doctor and the wine store, solo.  He’s my hero.
  • I’ve been fighting a cold all week.  I think I got it from Joe.  It sucks, not least because I’ve got training to do for my two 5Ks coming up!
  • Mom and Dad coming tomorrow.  Today was Dad’s last day of work before retirement… I’m so excited for him.
  • R has been difficult lately and I’m hoping to spend some special time with her while Mom and Dad are here to help out.
  • I lost a bit more weight… hovering now around where I was during a lot of college.  Insane.
  • I think Joe needs to try a sippy cup.  He’s intrigued by water.

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