Happy Mother’s Day!

May 14, 2012

Mine was lovely.  I got to sleep until 8.  Catherine assisted Sean in making me the breakfast I requested- eggs, toast, and coffee, with a side of a lot of turkey bacon.  (The toast was mostly for the girls, as I’ve mostly sworn off butter.)  She very sweetly asked me a few days early and wrote down a list, though I had to repeatedly help her spell “toast”).  They brought me a rose from outside in a vase.  I went out with Mom and the older girls for lunch and to see Mamma Mia.

Much like when I took just C to Mamma Mia almost two years ago, I have realized full-length shows in theaters are a LEEEEEEETLE much for 3-year-olds.  Mamma Mia happens to drag a bit toward the middle of Act 2.  (It picks up with “Take a Chance on Me” and gets awesome at the end.)  Rachel, much like C two years ago, got quite impatient.  I kept having to stop her from climbing, to which she made a nasty face and informed me that I was not coming to her Easter Birthday*.  We had a great time, though.

Also got to go out Saturday night!  Sean and I had a really nice dinner and saw Cabaret in a very tiny theater below Chrysler Hall- an old college friend of mine was in it and it was a lot of fun to see her.  The show had some audio problems and I wasn’t blown away by all the performances, but it was just fun, and she was excellent herself.  I’d love to see her again in something.

Work is busy and tiring me out.

My parents are visiting and have taken a kid off for the night and day the last two days.  It’s amazing how peaceful a house is with only 3 kids in it.

Joe has continued to scarf solid foods like no one’s business.  After an awful couple weeks he’s easing back into a pattern, probably because of the two teeth that came in… only one wakeup last night.  I’d love to see the full night again.  I MISS IT.  I NEED IT.  We did start the transition into the crib from the cradle in our room and that seems to be going really well, even with A in there.

He got a haircut at a salon in Newport News and looks awesome.  I sort of hesitated about it… but I’m really glad.  He does look more grown up but also so much neater and more handsome!


*This is R’s new threat/sass/curse.  “You’re not coming to my Easter Birthday tomorrow!”  It’s always tomorrow.  I think it’s a party.  Neither Easter nor her birthday is ever tomorrow, but I guess it doesn’t matter since I’ve gotten myself uninvited a whole lot lately.


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