On My Mind- Miscellaneous

May 23, 2012

1.  My parents are in town- dad retired!  I’m terribly proud of him and I hope he enjoys it.  I’m a little worried my kids are going to run him ragged… but come on, they’ve got to be more fun than work, especially since he can give them back to me.  It looks like they may actually come here for real!  My sister also may be in this direction eventually- she interviewed at a hospital nearby.  Actually, it’s the same one where C and A were seen as babies.

2.  Sean’s 35th birthday next week.  I’m going to get him a homebrew setup (he knows this).  He’s been into craft beers lately, I figured he can make his own.  And some for me.

3.  I have been stalking this etsy shop for a while.  Expensive but gorgeous and interesting sweater coats.  I dream of owning one… or learning to make this sort of thing myself.  I wish I had free time.  Maybe once I don’t have a nursing baby… or once I spend less time screwing around on the internet… then again, I’d be better off using that time to run more, probably.


No, I’m not a dirty hippie…. they just sort of appeal to the side of me that likes fantasy novels.

4.  Joe was baptized on Sunday!  Guests included my whole family, Sean’s whole family, Kathleen and Will, and Alex and Jackie (and their soon to be born fetus).

5. I just got the news today about Jillian Michaels not only bringing home her new 2-year-old daughter (who she’s been talking about on her podcast for months) but also having a brand new baby boy.  It almost made me tear up.  She wanted kids so badly and now she’s got two in one week- plus been somewhat forced out of the closet.  Good for her!  You listen to podcasts like hers or Adam Carolla’s and you start feeling like you know the podcaster, and I love all the mom stuff I’ve heard from her lately.

6.  A is getting much more wordy and talking a lot about diaper/potty stuff…. but still not doing what we want her to do as far as that goes.  I am DREAMING of the day of only one child in diapers.  Not today, Applejack.

7. 3.5 day weekend coming up!  Plus another 5K race…


3 Responses to “On My Mind- Miscellaneous”

  1. When Sarah gets here in about 6 weeks, I’ll have three kids in diapers. I was reallyl hoping Thomas would be potty trained by now (he just turned three), but it is not happening. He has no interest in using the toilet. Even the promises of Legos isn’t doing the trick… One day, we shall be diaper free!!!!

  2. neefp said

    You want an elf-coat?

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