Race Recap

May 23, 2012

The Lytle Law 5K, Saturday, May 19.  9 am.

  • I WON!  My age group 30-34, with a 23:37.  Not my best time but I can’t complain.
  • This was 42nd in the race overall (about 350 people) and 8th among women overall.
  • My sister came in second in our age group!  She did great.
  • I apparently have a competitive streak in me that she swears she does not.  Where did that come from?  I don’t think of myself as that type.  Not athletically.  Maybe I am.  I chased two girls for the last mile who I was SURE were in my age group and I had to beat.  Wound up getting ahead of one of them, but not the other, and then it turned out they were both in the age group just below mine.
  • I’m not sure what I could have done differently or better.  My first mile was my fastest, but not too significantly.  I ran it in about 7:17 and my average pace was 7:36.  I never felt like I hit a serious wall.  Maybe I did go out a little hard, especially since the first mile was the worst for curves and darting around people.  Maybe this weekend I should try for about a 7:30 first mile.
  • It was hot.  I did not stop at the water station.  Didn’t seem worth it in such a short race.  Maybe next time I’ll just try and grab a cub just before I take off.
  • My MP3 player didn’t sync.  Balls.  But I still had the playlist from the Shamrock.  Still, probably wasted effort messing around with it.
  • The race itself was awesome.  Great kid stuff- bounce house, cotton candy, sno cones, lots of volunteers, in a nice office park- everything was free.  My parents had the kids and everyone was quite good.  It wasn’t too crowded or crazy, but it was the sort of place where if a kid got misplaced, I wouldn’t worry too much… it was a big crowd of nice families.
  • The law firm that put it on is currently on the hook for a huge title search mistake that I’m working on.  I feel bad for them.
  • Another 5K this Saturday, then I’m going to force myself to take a week off running (my left Achilles is iffy) and then… half marathon training begins again!

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