Overdue for an Update

June 4, 2012

Perhaps in bullet points:

  • Joe started sitting on Sean’s 35th birthday.  Happy birthday dad, I can sit!  (And unsupported, too, not even leaning on his hands.)  He’s delighted with this trick.
  • Alice goes to bed on the floor pressed against the inside of an inward-swinging door.  This is not good.  I actually have to push it against her face to get it a few inches open, then stick in a hand or a foot and get her head pushed away.
  • Rachel is having behavior problems remarkably similar to C’s last fall.  FUN.
  • C graduates preschool this week!  She’s been great lately.
  • Joe is sleeping through consistently and eating about 12 oz milk a day at school, and tons of real food.
  • We cleared out the baby swing a month or two ago and are preparing to give the bouncy seat to a pregnant friend (if she doesn’t want it, I’ll take it to the daycare).  We still have the cradle in our room, but I folded a nice blanket around the mattress that matches our bed to make it look nice and will use it to stack blankets.  Room from baby stuff, here we come!
  • I got a used jogging stroller today, a double!
  • We planned out a bunch of races- I’m doing an 8K stroller run in a couple weeks, then a 10K in July, 8K beach mud run in August, and the half-marathon in September (and maybe another in October).  It’s so much fun!
  • Sean turned 35.  We got him a homebrewing system.  This is very interesting and cool.
  • I’m starting my half-marathon plan!  Lots of running and Jillian Michaels.
  • I’m consistently hitting the lower 120s in weight.  I don’t anticipate losing any more, but I’d like to gain muscle and shrink a little in size if I can tone up.

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