Preschool Graduation

June 7, 2012

Miss Shirley, C’s first daycare teacher, told me this morning she was going to come over to the graduation to see her babies.  I think the only two in the graduating class who have been there since they were super tiny are C and Trey’quan.  Malayah’s been there quite a long time as well.  Told C this morning all about how when I first brought her, she was tiny, and for a long time she wouldn’t go to anyone but Miss Shirley.

Of all four kids, C is the only one who ever had separation anxiety (so far) and she went several months where she’d only go to me, Sean, or Miss Shirley.  Heaven forbid Miss Shirley wasn’t present one day.  It was from around… 10-14 months old or so.  (Sort of makes sense that the other two didn’t, since they were always with an older sibling who wasn’t afraid.)

We’re lucky.  Chair-tapings aside, we’ve always been so happy with the school.

It’s really not an end there for C either.  She’s there all summer in the same classroom, and then in the fall she’ll be in the before-school program with the big kids there and get on the bus to kindergarten there every day.  Which is nice.


One Response to “Preschool Graduation”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Oh my gosh!!! She’s ready for “Big Kid School” already???? Wasn’t she Murky just yesterday???? Now I feel old.

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