Birthday Party

June 10, 2012

C was an angel today at her friend Riley’s birthday party:

All kids clamoring for cake and shrieking about what sort of cake they want.  C sat quietly and waited…. and then raised her hand to tell Riley’s mom she wanted cake.  This is AMAZING.

Three boys fought over two stuffed snakes.  C stayed out of it.

The birthday boy’s 7-year-old sister adopted C and showed her all her big girl toys.  C was polite and non-pushy about it and very interested and LOVED this girl.  (I remember wishing I had a big sister.)

All the kids mobbed Riley while he opened his presents.  Riley’s grandma was trying to take pics and they were getting in the way.  I called C back to me and she came and didn’t protest.

For C…. this is all remarkably, amazingly good.


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