Excitement of the Week

June 12, 2012

1.  TV is over.  Like, OVER, man.  Everything I watch is off for the summer, or longer.  There’s no summer TV I’m watching- I missed the beginning of Next Food Network Star because Game of Thrones was on Sunday nights.  So instead I’m rewatching the X-Files, slowly.

2. Jem, my favorite childhood show, is on Netflix!  I’m watching THAT while I run in the mornings.  It includes enough music to keep me moving.

3.  I’m into my half-marathon training plan.  Excited!  More cross-training (30 day shred) and speedwork this time than last time.

4. Doing an 8K this weekend.  Was planning to run it with Alice and Joe in the stroller, but through a combination of circumstances, am going to get to run it alone.  Now I’m nervous about doing well.

5.  I have this odd blotch on my stomach that hurts more than it itches.  It is about dime to quarter sized, roughly oval (but uneven, no regular shape) and looks like it’s a number of red dots connected by red skin.  It is not blistery or flaky and it’s been around for 5 days and is not getting better or worse that I can tell.  So far I have tried Nystatin, cortisone (which does soothe the minor itch), and neosporin on it with no effect.  I happen to be on antibiotics for something else (infected ingrown toenail) so it’s probably not infected.  Maybe a bite of some sort?  Spider?  What is it, and what should I do about it?

6.  I have started trying to get J to self-feed by sitting him in the booster seat with the tray and putting the food in front of him.  Worked great for mac and cheese.  Did not work for rice.

7.  Rules for using CSA food

  • Don’t plan too much.  Just use as you think of uses.
  • Buy staples and just make things up as you go.
  • Get a few cooking techniques and use them.  I like to make things into chips and roast things.  Later this summer (when squash starts) I’ll be sauteeing and throwing over rice a lot.
  • Wash and process everything the night you get it.  Use a child.
  • Have a lot of nights where you just eat bits and pieces of what’s in the fridge to use stuff up.
  • Take the big stuff and pre-make lunches for the week with it.  Past two weeks, this has been quinoa with cabbage and tomato sauce (cooked together) and parmesan on top.
  • Own a salad spinner.
  • Save up ideas on Pinterest, but (if you’re me) nothing too complicated.  More concepts than recipes.

2 Responses to “Excitement of the Week”

  1. LB said

    Jem is truly outrageous!

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