Tick, The Sequel

June 14, 2012

Found one on C today.  Same place as the one on R- lower abdomen off to the right side.  She was calm until I grabbed the tweezers and then shrieked hysterically and started pitching an epic fit.  Sean held her down, I dumped alcohol on it and tweezed it off while she flailed and screamed.  (This is the FIVE YEAR OLD.)  I did shame her a bit by telling her her three year old sister did a much better job having hers removed, and she admitted it didn’t hurt.  Thank god this one came off easy and clean.

R still has a little red bump where we took hers off two weeks ago.  (No ringlike rash, no Lyme disease).  I’m keeping an eye on it.  C’s seemed to come off more cleanly.



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