Kid update

July 5, 2012


  • Got tooth #4 yesterday, top left center.  He is pissed about this.
  • But he’s also standing well when you prop him and LOVES it.
  • He is obsessed with face, hair, jewelry, glasses, earrings grabbing.  His teacher at school, Miss Shirley, says he won’t leave her glasses alone.
  • I have a nightgown with pink satin bows on both shoulder straps that he is insane for.
  • He’s ticklish.
  • He still loves having his feet pushed up near his mouth.  That’s hilarious.
  • He wakes up at 445-5 for a feeding and WILL NOT go back to sleep afterward- he will cry if I put him back in bed, and climb on my face if I try to keep him with me.
  • Still on 12 oz milk per day but I decided this week to start phasing out pumping- from twice a day to once, and working in a bottle of formula once a day.  I’m just so over pumping, though I hope to nurse for a while longer.
  • But his nursing manners, except when half asleep, are atrocious.  Kick and push with feet, grab with hands, and he’s bitten me with his new sharp little teeth a few times.  NOT COOL, JOE.

Alice: Still interested in potty, still won’t do anything, still could care less about sitting in a wet or dirty diaper.  Such a happy kid.  Starting to be a 2-year-old and flips out when I tell her it’s time for bed.  Has a lot to say.  Very cute and curly.  I worry that she takes bad advantage of being the “baby” and is more out of control than she should be.

Rachel: Has been good lately, though moody from time to time.  Gives the best kisses ever.  Tells me I’m the best mommy in the deep blue sea, repeatedly.

Catherine: I’m trying to teach her that constant commentary on everything and talking just to hear herself talk aren’t good.  Hard to explain that to a smart kid.  She continues to be very helpful and I am worried I allow the sisters to take advantage of how helpful she is.  I see so much of myself in her it scares me a little bit.  That doesn’t mean I love her more, but I think I get her more easily… but she also frustrates me more easily in a lot of ways.  It’s like I want to try to take the traits I don’t like about myself and keep her from them.  Probably not possible, and probably I should worry about them more as they pertain to me, but…


4 Responses to “Kid update”

  1. Thomas REALLY does not care about being potty trained either. Dirty or clean diapers don’t change a thing in his life. But he’S THREE, so I’m getting annoyed by this.
    Good luck with Alice 😉

  2. Deb Warren said

    1- Good luck with the potty thing. That’s a PITA
    2-You’re the nursing master…you got this.
    3-Rachel is awesome. ‘Nuff said
    4- You worry too much about Catherine. Kid’s a peach. She’s fine. If she starts smoking or sports a tattoo, then worry. Otherwise, don’t. At this point, I’m ready to trade you a 17yr old for your near- Kindergartener….that’s how good she is.

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