Some Varying Thoughts

July 10, 2012

1) Work was actually quasi-quiet and peaceful today.  I’m not sure what planets aligned for that but I doubt they will for another year or so.

2) I am re-watching Jem, my favorite TV show of childhood, on Netflix.  It’s truly outrageous and I am inclined to write a series of posts reviewing episodes and offering commentary.  The problem is that I usually watch it when working out and if I watch it when my husband is home, he may murder me.

3) I don’t get the whole Dr. Who thing.

4) I have cut back on pumping at work by 50% as of last week.  12 oz a day to 6, pumped in one session.  It’s a relief.  I’m making up the difference with what’s in the freezer and Costco formula.  I do not feel guilty about this.

5) Also, since Joe is getting top teeth, nursing has become more uncomfortable.  I will not be sad to be done.

6) My godson turns 3 this month!  And Rachel, of course, turns 4.

7) My new Dyson is awesome.

8) I am going to run a fantasy football league this year and need to start preparing.

9) I offered myself up for solving problems on Facebook today and enjoyed it.  I think I will do this more often.

10) Have been off the diet wagon for a couple weeks, but pulling back into it.  Hurting my foot (plantar fasciitis) didn’t help since it limited my running, but that seems to be easing up a little.

11) Sean and I are in Season 6 of Star Trek: TNG.  So entertaining.  I think I need to do some stats on it.  How many holodeck episodes?  How many mock trials?  How often do we see Guinan?  THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW!

12) I played with my sewing machine this weekend, successfully.


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