New Racing Plan Which May Interest Only Me

July 11, 2012

Plan was:

  • Beaufort 10K in a week and a half
  • 8K Mud Run in August
  • Rock and Roll half-marathon in September (my goal race- to do in 2 hrs- on a training plan leading up to this now)
  • … something else?
  • Possibly November half marathon
  • Christmastown Dash 8K in December at Busch Gardens

Plantar fasciitis is bugging me, though, and I keep hearing I need to actually take some solid time off to really fix it.  So this is the new plan.

  • Take it easy for a week
  • Beaufort 10K in a week and a half
  • Two solid weeks off running.  Jillian Michaels only, as much as I can handle.  Ice.  Ibuprofen.  Stretching.
  • Easy running for a week or so
  • 8K Mud Run
  • Restart training plan for half-marathon
  • Run Rock and Roll half-marathon as a training run, running with Sean
  • Have half-marathon plan continue up to Crawlin’ Crab half-marathon in October
  • Something in November.  5K maybe?
  • 8K Christmastown Dash in December

Looking forward to running the RnR with Sean.  Planning to dress up a little bit… also, probably good to have my goal race be the October one.  Probably better weather.




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