Thoughts for Tuesday

July 17, 2012

Everything’s in summary form lately.  Sign of a highly scattered mind.

* C and R are visiting Grammy and Grandpa at the beach for the week.  Things are so much more peaceful and easy with only two kids in the house.  I miss them though, especially hearing them talk- the thing Joe doesn’t do at all and Alice does, but not in extended conversation format.

*Got to see an old work friend today, which was fun.  Caught up on gossip.

*I am SO ENJOYING Jem on Netflix.  BEST CARTOON EVAR.  I want to do little summaries of the episodes here and am brainstorming categories.  Am I missing any?

  • What were the Holograms up to?
  • What were the Misfits and Eric up to?
  • Did they go anywhere?
  • How do we know we’re in the 80s?
  • Did any of the non-lead Holograms or Misfits get character development?
  • Any extra special guest stars?
  • Best line?
  • Comments?

*Joe’s pulling up on stuff!  Four teeth in!  Eats everything.

*Alice suddenly got a bunch of giant bumps on the backs of her arms.  OUCH looking, but she’s not complaining.  Thankfully, we’ve got a diagnosis of “not spider bites”.  Maybe impetigo.  Maybe MRSA.  (FABULOUS).  We’ll see.  Why does this stuff happen to her?

*I ate crap tonight after being back on the wagon for a few days.  I need to get it in gear, especially since it’s not long until I’m done nursing.  A few days til my race and then a couple weeks rest off running.  Bah, but probably good for me.

*Planning R’s birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  dilemma: to do invites, I need set time and day.  But to reserve time and day at CEC, I need a number of people.


One Response to “Thoughts for Tuesday”

  1. Deb Warren said

    You should be able to give them a guestimated number of people, and then closer to the date a more definite number. You can always call them and give them a final number later (or even the day of regardless of what they tell you, because sometimes you get someone who say’s they’re coming and doesn’t show, or vice versa). So if you’re guessing 9, say 10 (then figure if parents are eating too, if not they can get their own eats), that type of thing. Adjust as necessary. You won’t be the first parent who needs to do so, and you won’t be the last.
    Are you inviting classmates? family & close friends? Combination thereof? Just add them up, round to what you need to, and adjust as needed. Then party your backside off.

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