Joe Milestones

July 25, 2012

He was promoted yesterday to Infant II, just a day after his best bud Jeremiah.  Miss Cynthia’s the teacher and knows him well from the classes being together in the mornings.  I need to send a sippy cup to work with.  (Note to self.)  I haven’t fully absorbed the fact that we’ve left Miss Shirley behind forever… I think if I think about that too much, I’ll get sad, so I just tell myself that she’s around them and sees them all the time.  She was the reason I could always leave a new baby behind at daycare and go off to work and she’s given them a whole lot of love and care over the years.  We will continue to see her every morning for the foreseeable future, though… so I don’t have to be sad.

He’s pulling up!  Just over the past week he’ll grab something and stand, and while he’s not cruising yet, he can switch from thing to thing while in a standing position.

He’s interested in the DVD player.  Great, another A.

We got asked to be a reference for our school for a new parent and I had a long talk with her… about the school in general and about the events involving A and the chair.  I think she’s going to go there, which I was glad to hear.  Hope I get to meet her… her son will be overlapping in K2 with A but only by a couple weeks before A is off to K3.

He’s very smiley and loves to be tickled.  I don’t think the girls were ticklish this young.  Also to have me blow on his tummy, to have his feet bobbed up and down on his mouth, and for me to pretend to eat his neck.  He continues to be obsessed with the pink bows on my nightgown.

We’re down to nursing once in the am, once or twice at night on weekdays and all day on weekends still, but usually with a formula bottle thrown in midday.  I’m down to pumping only about a bottle worth during the day and I’m pretty close to phasing that out altogether, which will thrill me.  I hope I can keep nursing for a while longer, but I’m really pretty over the whole thing except when he’s sleepy and sweet, which is only early am.  He’s not careful with his teeth.  Ouch.

Every time I hug him and tell him I love him it still pops into my head how upset I was to find out I was having a boy.  Though I’m totally over that, it nags at me and I feel guilty and then guilty for not feeling guiltier.  I think as he gets older I’ll tell him it makes him MORE special, to have overcome Mommy’s boyphobia.

Still doesn’t crawl, but scoots like a champ.


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