I Don’t Know Either!

July 31, 2012

Alice’s favorite phrases:

  • I don’t know either!  (pronounced EE-ver)  Apparently if she doesn’t know something, everyone else must have already given up.
  • Anything about the my little ponies.  If you ask her who her favorite pony is, she’ll say, “Pinkie Pie!”  (And if you say, “Where’s Pinkie Pie?” she’ll immediately cover her eyes, then pop out grinning manically and go, “Hereshe is!”  She will also list the other ponies: Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity (she usually forgets Twilight Sparkle), and Princess Celestia.  That last one’s quite a mouthful for her.
  • Mommy/Daddy, I need to talk to you!  (“I neeta taktaya!”)  Often said to get our attention in the car.  Picked it up from her sisters.  Doesn’t really need to SAY anything, just needs us to know she needs to talk to us.

Has had impetigo a couple times recently, which really freaked me out at first- giant red bumps out of nowhere.  Doctor had us try Bacitracin on it to see if it would clear up and turns out it did.  Good thing, because now she has it in two more locations.  (Arms and legs?)  Doesn’t itch, doesn’t hurt, she doesn’t even notice it (honeybadger don’t care), but when I asked her about her boo boo today, she immediately put on a gigantically dramatic face and said, “IT HURT!”

Wants to go potty.  I put her on.  She doesn’t do anything.  Repeat ad infinitum.  I am thinking of trying to find those pullups that feel cold when wet, because she absolutely does not care how dirty or wet she is.  Likes to sit there but hasn’t done anything even by chance in months and months.

SO DAMN GOOD NATURED until you tell her to do something (like go to bed) she doesn’t want to do.  Doesn’t happen much, but man can she kick.
Still throws fewer tantrums than the average 2-year-old for sure, though.

Is ridiculous pretty with the curls and big blue eyes, and (might just be me who can tell) is starting to thin out a bit and look less toddlerlike at last.

Doesn’t give actual kisses still.  Puts her lips on your cheek and goes, “MMMMMAH!”

Currently working on dressing and undressing self.  I am SURE Rachel could do so at this age and Catherine too, and I’m sure she could if she wanted to.  She’s starting with socks and shoes and is very proud when she manages.


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