My Rachel is 4

August 1, 2012

The big birthday highlights:

Saturday was her party at Chuck E Cheese.  It worked out really well.  I made a biggish reservation and didn’t have to do anything but drop off invites at the daycare.  Guests included all of us, K/Bryan/our godson Will, Sean’s friend Gene from work with his wife and little boy, and school friends Trinity and Emily.  They each got a cup of tokens and some pizza and a drink; we bought a couple extra pizzas and a vegetable plate and a cake.  They all played, R went in the ticket blaster, and J absolutely wrecked a slice of chocolate cake.   Mom, upon seeing pictures of the party, said R looked “quietly pleased”.  I’d say that about accurately describes it.

Kathleen, by the way, bought her an app store gift card for the LeapPad we got her, which we hadn’t given her yet.  No spoilers there, because she thought the gift card box WAS the LeapPad and was thrilled… then heartbroken when we got home and she opened that box to find a plastic card.  She just fell apart.  Poor baby.  So I hugged her and Sean went and got the (unwrapped) LeapPad.  Then she was happy again.  Then we told her she had to nap and couldn’t play with it right away, and she was sad again.

Sunday we went to church, which went better than usual.  The three girls went to the nursery (which C is far too old for, but children’s liturgy hasn’t started yet) and J sat with us.  They had fun and J was good.  I made macaroni and cheese for dinner and we had brownies with strawberries.  The one other thing she’d asked for was to “go to the jewelry store and pick out some jewelry”… so I took her to the thrift store and let her pick.  She got a couple of necklaces with chunks of colored Lucite… actually fairly cute.

I’m really not all that bothered by her turning 4.  I feel like she’s been 4 forever.  Maybe she was just a mature 3?  She was happy to be the center of attention for a while* and I enjoyed her getting to be the birthday star… she’s fairly quiet a lot of the time.  But still.  Best. Kid. Kisser. EVER.



*Catherine wasn’t happy about R being the center of attention.  We’ve had to have a lot of talks with her about calming down and getting out of other people’s birthday presents, and right now I’m working on her not being SMUG about things.


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