Some kid updates

August 15, 2012

C: STARTING KINDERGARTEN in just a couple weeks!  She’s been pretty good lately though we’ve been having some trouble with smugness.  Two typical examples.

Me: Rachel, time to brush your teeth.  RACHEL!  GET ON IT.  C: Mommy, I’M brushing my teeth.  I’m being a good girl, right?

Me: Okay, C, you finished dinner and can have a cookie.  (Not mentioning the other two girls did not.)  C: MMMMM!  THIS IS THE BEST COOKIE EVER!  IT’S SCUMPTIONS!  (Scrumptious, I think.  This came out of her mouth this morning.)

Still super obsessive about treats and candy.  A people-pleaser, or means to be.  Has the memory of a goldfish, still, though, and just doesn’t THINK a lot of the time.  But oh so sweet, and clearly loves me a ton.  Every night asks if she can tuck me in, even though I’ve only let her a few times, ever.  Interested in doing jobs to make money for her bank.

R: Is 4.  4 is a bit rough.  Probably the easiest one to fall apart if something doesn’t go her way.  Likes to get up in my face and Joe’s, a lot.  Currently my pickiest eater.  Hates cleanup time and takes advantage of the fact that C knows what to do.  I’m starting to assign cleanup jobs instead and tell them they each have to do something… and if C does R’s work to finish it out, C gets paid (and smug).

She has a bit of a delicate look and is more mellow than either of her sisters.  Less high-energy zoom-everywhere.  On her own, not prone to getting riled up and will sit quietly and read or play with her computer.

A: So.  Damn.  Happy.  The only times she gets upset are (a) bedtime and (b) when wiping in the more remote areas requiring wiping during a diaper change.  Everyone who meets this kid or even hears about her thinks she’s fantastic.  Yes, spunk.  But DEAR GOD GIRL GET POTTY TRAINED.  PLEASE.  I’m also worried about her being a bit wild… and like R, but more so, taking advantage of the responsible older sister.

J: Down to nursing twice a day- morning and evening, and sometimes during the day on weekends.  Formula during the day at school, though we have a bit of frozen breastmilk to use up.  Not pumping and bottlemaking… I feel like I’ve got MORE TIME!  (I do.  But it really is apparent.)  He eats about everything and we walk into school at the morning and he looks straight over at Miss Shirley for food.

He cut another tooth- bottom, to the left of the center 2 (this past week).  I’m still not sure what’s up with his freaky shark fang tooth.  I’ll have the doctor take a look at his appointment next Wednesday, but Haley will see him before then anyway.

He’s happy and cuddly and delightful and starting to cruise, but still doesn’t crawl.  Man, can he flop forward quickly though!  He cracks up if I bury my face in his tummy.  He’s much more a hair-grabber than his sisters were.  Ouch.



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