Kid Updates

August 22, 2012

Joe’s the most interesting.  As of today, he’s 28.6 inches tall and 20.8 pounds.  He jumped up the growth curve!  The strange bumps he has on one toe and one finger are probably moles.  He’s cruising the furniture for a week or two now, letting go momentarily (noticed this today), and said “Dada” this weekend.  (My praise prompted him to laugh his ass off at me for some reason).   I gave him a haircut with the clippers last week that turned out way shorter on top than I intended, but it’s grown on me.

We think, looking in the light, that his “fang” may not be a separate tooth but rather part of the tooth it’s behind.  Hard to say.

He’s still nursing twice a day, on formula the rest of the time, and eats everything.

Alice… went to the ER again Sunday night when she was standing on the jar C uses as a bank and broke through it with both her feet, cutting open both her toes.  It happened in the exact same spot in the room where she gashed open her head.  On the left big toe, there’s a gash across the toe pad they glued shut, and on the right a gash on the inside of the toe (facing the second toe) which got three stitches.  She was a sport (except for the screeching while they shot it up with lidocaine) and very nice to the nurse and PA.  It’s healing pretty well and she hasn’t messed with it much.
Rachel… got three shots today at her 4-year appointment.  She was AWESOME and didn’t even cry a moment, just scrunched up her face and said “ow!”

Catherine’s counting the days until kindergarten.  Currently 13.

Could write more but I’m tired.  Bug?  Maybe.  Had today off and packed it full of crap to do.  At least now my car is clean and the animals have a clean bill of health.


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