T-Minus 9 Days until Kindergarten Madness

August 26, 2012

And she’s so psyched.  We went for screening Friday; she recognized all her letters so they sent her for a second (reading) screening.  I chatted with the principal, who’s two years older than us and was a fraternity guy at UR, so he’s from a similar world.  It’s his first year being a principal there but he’s been a parent there and has a kindergartner of his own starting.  Chatted with the librarian who I’m planning to bring Mom in to visit.
In other kids’ educational news, Sean and I chatted with Catherine and Rachel today (more C than R) about the concept of adoption. and its involvement in our family.  This went pretty well when we used our dog and cat, and little orphan Annie as an analogy (though then C asked about Miss Hannigan, so we tried to leave her out of it, because that’s more confusing.)  C then asked if we couldn’t take care of her, if we’d give her to a white family so then we could all be family (we had tried to explain how the people who gave a child up for adoption could be family even if they weren’t the child’s parents who raised him).  There were a few things wrong with that statement but I did reassure her that she was unlikely to be adopted and that many families did contain people of different colors.

Nothing much new with R or A.  Joe is close to done with nursing.  He’s getting careless with his teeth.  Um, NO.  His latest interest is the shower.  Anywhere near our bathroom, if you set him down, he will go straight to the shower, open the sliding door, and climb in right over the edge.  (Even if he’s naked, and even if the floor in there is chilly and wet).  He will then proceed to close the door and get very happy and bounce up and down.  He also stands on his own in the tub now, though I have to keep a hand close, and is cruising nicely (and finally doing something close to actually crawling).


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