September 3, 2012

I’m seriously so excited for Catherine.  She’s been counting the days since 20-something.  We’ve done the registration, the screening, and the open house.  All the supplies are bought and off at school, and her backpack’s ready to go.  Sean will be making her lunch- we’re planning on sandwiches (deli meat and cheese), apples, and pretzels for a snack.  She has a water bottle.
She’s particularly excited about her scissors and the behavior chart in her new class with Ms. Branch.  She’s used to green-yellow-red, but the new chart also has orange between yellow and red, and blue and purple for extra good behavior.  She wants to know if I’ll be proud if she’s on blue or purple (yes) or if she’s never ever on red (yes) or if I like purple best (yes) and red worst (yes).

I know I have to let her teacher make her own impressions and her own relationship with Catherine, but if I did tell her things, I’d tell her… this kid’s smart, but that’s not what matters.  Her best qualities are how well-meaning she is, and how she wants people to feel good, and how she wants to help and achieve and make people proud of her.  She’s just a good, bright, likeable kid.  And affectionate.  And huggable.  She thrives on being asked to help with things.

What does she need from kindergarten?  Practice listening and following directions.  When she told me she wanted Ms. Branch to know how smart she was, I said there wouldn’t be a problem with that.  I told her what I want most of all is to hear from Ms. Branch that C is good at listening and following directions. That’s really the biggie.  She needs to redirect all that energy into productivity… I think she gets lost in her own thoughts and just doesn’t listen.  A lot.  She also needs to learn when to hold her tongue and let other people talk.

As I’ve said before, she’s a lot like me, and as such, I think I’m more sensitive to her personality quirks than I am to the other kids… I’m sensitive to them because they’re the same ones I’m embarrassed about having myself.  I want to save her from making mistakes I’ve made.

Course, I don’t worry about that with Rachel’s personality quirks (ones I don’t share, like moodiness), I figure they’ll work themselves out.  That’s the difference with a kid you share the quirks with, I think.  You worry about the quirks you know.

Anyway, tangent.  I’m so excited for her.  I’m so excited to share her with Ms. Branch and the new school.  I think they’re going to love her.  How could you not?

I’m hoping it actually challenges her.  Ms. Branch told me she had a number of beginning readers in the class- I think ( between that and the screening) that it’s tracked and she’s in a class of kids near her level, which is great.  I’m hoping it takes a bit more energy out of her than preschool has.  Kid has a TON OF PHYSICAL ENERGY.

I don’t know.  I have lots of thoughts about this.  None of them are particularly sad or freaked, though.  I’m really just thrilled for her, especially since she’s so thrilled.  I could see r being more hesitant when her time comes, but it will be nice then that C will already be there.

R starts K5 tomorrow.  C’s K5 teacher is no longer in K5, but instead is being groomed to take over the whole two-daycare system.  New teacher in R’s room… hope it’s good. The K4 teacher, Miss Denise, almost cried when she told me how sad she was to lose R and her classmates.  The class going on to K5 is small and good natured.  Miss Denise’s new class is 16 kids, mostly boys, and includes a number of behavior problems.  It makes me glad that R will still be there in the mornings.  Miss Denise needs a little Rachel in her life.

A is not moving on (yet) because of numbers.  J is where he is for a while.


One Response to “Kindergarten”

  1. neefp said

    I’ll be thinking about everyone, all day. I so wish I was there to share in the excitement, maybe this time next year

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