Orange is the new blue

September 6, 2012

C: “Mommy, I got on blue today!”

Me: “Great job!  How?”

C: “Well, really I was on orange.”

Me: “That’s not blue.”

C: “No.”

Me: “So what happened to get you on orange?”  (This is TWO steps below green)

C: “I don’t know.  Well, I know.  I was talking when other people were talking.”

In her school planner today, I found the orange smiley face (at least it’s still smiling) and this note: “We talked about appropriate times to talk.”

I wrote the following on a piece of paper: “Shouldn’t children only speak when spoken to?  Good luck with that.  Thanks, Lindsey.”  Clipped it into the planner so Ms. Branch sees it tomorrow.

On the bright side: kindergarten for three days is WIPING her, just as I hoped.  She’s gone to bed every night at 7 and been OUT COLD.  This is the child who usually wanders out a dozen times after I put her down at 830.  Woohoo kindergarten!


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