Kid updates

September 19, 2012

Catherine: Alternating between orange (not so good) and blue (extra good) at school.  Always has to do with talking- too much, too loud, at the wrong time.  We’ve been talking about THINKING before you talk, but she says she forgets.  Tomorrow I suggested we write a T on the back of her hand before school so she sees it and is reminded to Think before Talking.

In other news, that kid just loves me like mad.

Rachel: Sweet.  Quietish.  Mostly good natured but can be moody.  I think she’s smart, she quietly listens to a lot of what goes on.  Still doing a less frustrating (because it’s not interspersed with endless chatter) version of the ignoring all directions thing Catherine pulled last fall.

Gives the best kisses ever.

Alice: Indestructible.  Has gotten herself hung by the head behind the couch twice.  Still attached to Pillow Pet and Blanket, and lately, her Elmo t-shirt she wears to bed.  When she sees a picture of herself, she says “MY ALICE!”  Has gotten more affectionate though still doesn’t actually give kisses (she fakes it- puts her mouth on you and says “mmmm-ah!”)  She does say “I love you” more.

I really, really wish she’d get potty trained.

Joe: ALMOST walking.  Lets go of things for a few seconds here and there.  Crawls in this lopsided scramble.  Thinks it’s the funniest thing ever when you nibble on his fingers and toes.  Still nurses quietly for a few minutes first thing in the morning, then pops up and looks around happy as a clam to see what Sean’s doing.  Drinks formula and a little milk.  Eats everything.  Wears food though not quite as messy as I recall the girls being at this age.  Turns out his crazy shark tooth is actually connected to that front tooth- it’s just a really weird shape with an independent point.  No wonder he had so much trouble cutting it.

His sisters continue to be all over him, all the time.  Almost a year old and the novelty has not worn off.

Tomorrow I have a day off work and I’m hoping to make their Halloween costumes.  I have a picture in my head of what I want to do- hoping it works the way I want it to.


One Response to “Kid updates”

  1. Deb Warren said

    I swear Alice is going to be a stunt person when she grows up….she has NO fear!

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