Back to School Night

September 25, 2012

Going 2 miles away on a weeknight, for an hour, is enough to kill a whole night for me.  But Catherine really, really wanted me to come to back to school night.  Which was confirmed for me when I got there and her teacher said she’d been talking about bringing me all day.  Awwwww.

  • I didn’t put two and two together on the vice principal until the principal mentioned the VP had a son named Hunter.  Then I put the names together and realized the VP’s son is Alice’s little boyfriend Hunter at Quality Time.
  • Principal spoke to a busy auditorium.  With a zillion kids in it.  Talk about tolerant.  So did C’s teacher, though a smaller group.  C was one of the only 2-3 kids who didn’t run wild, but stood quietly next to me while the teacher spoke.  I was very proud and told her I was impressed with how respectful that was.
  • We sat next to one of her classmates.  Addy talks more than Catherine.  Wow.
  • We saw one of her preschool friends (the only one whose mom I’m really friendly with) and the friend’s mom told me her kindergartner had had some big behavior problems the first couple weeks.  This maybe lined up a little bit with something C said about that friend being mean to her on the bus.  Mom’s on it, though.  I told her what MY mom said about the first part of kindergarten being rough.
  • Teacher said C is doing better with the incessant talking this week and last.  Woo!

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