September 30, 2012

So Saturday morning, Alice got up while I was changing her poopy butt and ran down the hall and flopped on the floor.  NEW CARPET, people.  AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH.

I decided that was it.  THAT WAS IT.  She’s 2 years and 10 months old.  C and R were trained by 2 years 6 months: C pee-trained basically overnight at that age, then pooped in a diaper for another two months and wore a diaper overnight until about 2 years 9 months, R trained slowly from 2 to 2.5 and then went diaper-free overnight.  I didn’t want to push Alice because I didn’t like the way R stretched it out, so I’ve put almost no effort into it.

Until now.

At the grocery store we bought Hawaiian Punch and special cookies and candy, and then came home and loaded her up as much as she’d drink.  I think two cups of punch and two of milk.  Then ten minutes later I escorted her to the potty, promised her the moon and stars, waited…. and she pooped.

10 minutes later we tried again.  She pooped and peed.  A lot.

And that was it.  She skipped nap Saturday and went to the potty about eight times in 3 hours.  We made it through evening, wore a pullup overnight, and did more today.  She’s doing GREAT.  BIG GRINS.  So proud of herself.  Just thrilled.

I’m sending her to daycare in undies tomorrow.  Taking a leap.  Extra undies, extra pants.  They have a hard floor so she can practice there and have accidents better than she can at home.  Let’s DO THIS.


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