Crawling Crab Half-Marathon

October 7, 2012

So my goal was 2 hours.  My feet felt good going into it after a mostly rested week.  Some thoughts and high points:

  • I started with the pace team for 2:00, which was two guys and a girl dressed as a keg, a beer, and a crab.  My thought was to run with them til mile 10, then if I had something in me, take off on my own.
  • It was 50 degrees and windy.  And drizzly on and off until Mile 10-11ish.  I’ll get to what happened then in a moment.
  • Miles-1-2 were fine.  No problem.
  • After about Mile 3, it felt rough for me.  They were steady on pace, checking watches obsessively, and I was right with them.  I wasn’t having TOO much trouble keeping up, but I was sure I would.  I was thinking during this phase that I’d be lucky to stay with them to the finish, and I would NOT be taking off at Mile 10.
  • Running through downtown Hampton was nice.  The crab pacer was giving a mock tour.  The pacers generally were super friendly and happy, kept asking if there were any rookies, doing cheers, checking in on how everyone was doing.
  • About Mile 5, I took the gel I had in my pocket and it pepped me up.  I felt a little better then.  About Mile 6.5, we hit the gel stop and I had another.  Coming through that stop, right before the stretch on the waterfront, I somehow got a little ahead of my pace group.
  • At that point… I felt good.  Better.  And I hit a stretch without a ton of people and picked it up a bit and just sort of left the pace group.  I sort of figured I’d stretch it out a little bit and then let them catch me.  Didn’t feel like I spend up much, felt more like they slowed down… but next thing I knew, I glanced over my shoulder, they were way behind me, I felt fine, so I kept at that pace.
  • I ran for the entire second half of the race close to a short, older Latino guy.  Right with him for miles, then he took off, then I caught him and ran the very end of the race with him and I left him probably a tenth of a mile out.
  • The whole second half of the race felt better than the first.  Did it just take me that long to warm up?
  • My feet didn’t twinge one bit until Mile 3, and never really hurt to the point that they caught my attention if I wasn’t thinking about them.
  • At Mile 10, the rain started.  By Mile 11, it was POURING, and I was completely drenched.  Never let up.
  • I had no clue what my pace/time was.  I knew I was ahead of the 2:00 group and that was good enough for me.  I passed more people than passed me that second half.
  • I ran in at just over 2:00 clock time.  My legs seized up.  Hobbled to the convention center in the pouring rain and flopped on the floor.  Thought my phone had died.  It just took a moment to restart.  Was dreading trying to get to the car, and didn’t know if there was an umbrella there, but that’s where the dry clothes and towels were, so… ventured out.  The rain let up as I got to the car (slowly).  There was an umbrella, and I grabbed the bag and went back to the convention center- then changed my shirt for a hoodie and my skirt for… a towel.  Yes. I wore a towel as a skirt.
  • Stayed in the convention center a while and then when I was less freezing and wet, ventured to the finish line to wait for Sean.  Expected him in sometime around his goal pace of 3 hours.  Got there at 235 and thought I’d have a wait.  Yes, I had… like a five minute wait.  He killed his goal!  Never stopped running and stumbled a bit when he made it in but felt good.
  • YAY!
  • So what’s next?  Hog Jog (5K) next weekend, Christmastown Dash (8K) in December, and I’ll have to think about what comes after that.

One Response to “Crawling Crab Half-Marathon”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Way to go you guys!!!! Hope your legs and feet feel better soon!

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