October 10, 2012

Race recovery: Yesterday was murderous.  The outsides of my feet hurt like hell.  Today… I can feel how sore my quads are, which is a good thing, because it means my feet are manageable.  I think this is a good recovery.  Which is good, since I’m running a 5K this coming weekend on no practice but a couple walks.
Diet: I have GOT to get back on the horse.  Being off routine is killing me.

Joe: ALMOST walking.  Still nursing a couple min most weekday mornings, on the right side only.  Then he pops up, lets go, looks for Sean, says, “DADA!” and claps.  Also can wave, suddenly.

Alice: off with Nana and Joe Bob today/tonight.  Was super good in awful rush hour bad-wather traffic going to work this morning, then pranced around my office waving hello to everyone.  My newest title assistant picked up on the adjective used most often for her, all by herself: delightful.

Rachel: Moody.  But cleaned up tonight.  Bangs are still killing me.  Sweet.  Enjoyed being the biggest sister for a little while last weekend while C was off with my parents.

Catherine: Behavior at school’s been good- green or blue.  She is in people-pleasing mode and makes it perhaps more apparent than any of the other kids just how much she loves me and how highly she thinks of me.  Of course, she still doesn’t eat what I cook her.

I have tomorrow off work and plan to hang at home with Mom, Dad, Joe, and Alice.  Do some work from home.  Rest.  Tidy pantry.
For the second time, I hung out a shingle on Facebook to solve problems.  I got probably 10-15 queries and was able to offer at least something to most of them.  I love feeling useful.


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