October 20, 2012

A few minutes ago, my Joe took his first steps from me to Sean, wearing fuzzy dinosaur pajamas.  Then back from Sean to me.  4-6 steps each time.  Lord help us all, now he’s mobile (more mobile).
Girls took their first steps really close to 1 as well.  I’d have to figure out when exactly.  I know A (the most recent) did it naked.

He’s so flipping cute.  He imitates sounds now.  You click, he clicks.  You grunt, he grunts.  Miss Shirley at the daycare was pretending to lunge at and attack him this week, and he was doing it right back.

He says Mama and Dada.  Sometimes appropriately.


One Response to “WALKING”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Yay Joe!!! Get into ALL THE THINGS!!!!

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