October 29, 2012

Sandy’s here.  Meh.  It hasn’t been so bad… just rain, rain, rain… never really even pouring, just moderate rain.  Only just now, on Sunday night, we seem to be getting higher than normal winds.

We’ve been in for two days.  Hasn’t actually been that awful.  Today both our offices were closed, public schools closed, daycare closed.  Watched TV, hung out, played computers, read books, napped…. Sean and I both ran.  Carved pumpkins.  Last night, stayed up late watching Back to the Future and II with Catherine, which was fun.

Apparently everything around us is flooded.  The tunnel I drive home from work through, the Midtown, was totally closed.  I think the Downtown is closed as well, and the James River Bridge.  Lovely.

I’m venturing out tomorrow.  Only public schools are closed and so either Catherine will have to hang at the daycare for tomorrow if they’ll take her, or I’ll take her with me.  I’ve got 930 sales in Hampton and then the office, assuming I can get there.  We’ll see what things are like tomorrow morning.  I’m determined to at least get to Hampton (though I’ll be taking the big bridge tunnel instead of the smaller JRB) but I haven’t decided for sure yet about the office.  If VDOT says stay off the road, I will.  I can work from home.
We had a couple power blips tonight and satellite is out.  Ah well.  Netflix is fine.


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