October 30, 2012

Three days shy of the big 0-1 and we have exactly no gifts for him.  I’m going out tomorrow in search of boy toys.  We do have white cake mix with chocolate funfetti frosting- chosen by his sisters.

The walking’s getting better and more confident, and more frequent and voluntary- as in, he chooses to do it, mostly to get to me, instead of being prompted to.

He really loves some people at the day care and is decidedly annoyed by others.

Loves: Shirley (Infant I), Cynthia (Infant II, his teacher), Kim (administrator)

Dislikes: Denise (K4), Sandra (K3), CC (Infant I/II)

Hit or Miss: Joyce (school age, Catherine’s teacher), Bridget (K2, Alice’s teacher)
Joyce (aka “The Wizard”) says he and his classmate Jack are her husbands and is constantly threatening to divorce them when they give her the side-eye.  He doesn’t actually cry at these people, just gives them the stink eye when they come near.  This is particularly sad for Miss Denise, who teaches the big K4s, but loves babies (and loves all the Kelly kids).  I figure give it 3 years and he’ll be her biggest fan.

This morning when we walked in and saw Miss Cynthia, he absolutley started giggling in glee.  I then started kissing on his cheek and he started laughing even harder and finally cracked up and buried his face in my chest, which was super cute and reminded me of how Alice used to do that.

Side note: the only one of my kids who ever had a regular daycare dropoff problem was Catherine. just about this age, and her problem is that she refused to go to anyone but Miss Shirley.  Miss Shirley has meant so much to all of them.



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