November 1, 2012

Catherine- was remarkably understanding about not getting to wear her costume to school.  They did dress-like-a-book character day Friday- she was an excellent Eloise- and yesterday they wore orange to school.  She had a party at school age class at preschool, too, so she was happy.

Rachel (who’s in the same f-you fours Catherine was in last year)- drove me nuts last night by peeling and eating the cheese from her pizza, then scraping it against the edge of the table, managing to get pizza sauce all over the tablecloth and her costume.  Just…. you know, it’s one thing to make an accidental mess, but playing with food in our house is a big no-no.  I was furious, and then she of course went crying to Sean that I was “Mean Mommy”.  I swear… she does things that are not just thoughtless, but purposely defiant, but she (same as Catherine) acts totally clueless of what she’s done.  No sassiness, not even slyness, and I can see slyness in Rachel.  It’s like 4-year-olds are just obnoxiously defiant without knowing it.
Alice- was super cute.  SUPER CUTE.  She’s at a great age.  If only she’d stop pooping in her pants.  She was right in with the big girls, as she has been a lot lately, running up to the houses, trick or treating, and saying in this high-pitched bubbly toddler voice, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” before scampering off.  OMG CUTE.  She was well behaved and delightful.  Now if only she’d stop pooping in her pants.

Joe- had a rough, rough day.  Started it by headbutting me and splitting my lip.  I literally have a round donut bruise on my lip itself and the shadow of a bruise above it.  I shouted and he started screaming and didn’t stop until we got in the car.  He didn’t even want a bottle.  Then I realized he was getting two more teeth on top- both first molars on each side.  He has four on top, four on bottom- now getting two more on top, skipping the incisors.  Was a mess in the morning and a mess before I picked him up- feverish, rash around mouth, bloodshot eyes…. BUT we gave him some pizza when we got home, a bottle, wiped him down, changed his clothes to his dragon costume (Alice kept calling him a dinosaur) and he pepped up and even kept his hat on quite happily.
We all made it down the street for a ways.  I wore my Rainbow Dash tutu.  We got compliments.  The girls had a blast.  Came home and got Joe down while Sean took the girls a bit further.  I was really pleased Alice did so well, especially.

Halloween is, as I told a neighbor, Catherine’s High Holy Holiday.  That kid and candy.


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