The Pony Family

November 1, 2012

A quick word on the costumes.  We were the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cast.

Alice was Pinkie Pie (top left); I was Rainbow Dash (top right); Catherine was Rarity (bottom left), and Rachel was Fluttershy (bottom center).  I went based on personality.  Rachel’s a bit quiet but has hidden talents, Catherine is a bit people-pleasing and fussy, Alice is happy and hyper and adorable, and I like to run.

Sean was Big Macintosh (older brother of Applejack, who we didn’t have).  He’s the manliest pony in the canon.

Joe was Spike, the dragon sidekick of Twilight Sparkle (who we also didn’t have).

The t-shirts came from Walmart.  I wasn’t able to find solid-color ones for Rachel or Alice in yellow and pink, so I went with womens’ small.  They can use them as nightshirts.  Catherine’s is a white boys’ undershirt.  Mine’s a womens’ athletic top.

The cutie marks on the t-shirts are felt cutouts.  I sketched what I needed and winged it.  Impressive since I am NOT a drawer or artistic individual. I sewed them on with my sewing machine- this was the hardest part.  For the harder designs (mine and Sean’s) I sewed smaller parts onto bigger parts before sewing.

The tutus were 1 inch elastic sewed into loops with my sewing machine.  I bought tulle from JoAnns.  I followed a tutorial from Pinterest.  Actually, without Pinterest, none of this probably ever would have happened.  It makes me want to be a more domestic person.

My jacket and all of our leggings, we already owned.  Just dumb luck I happen to own a jacket in Rainbow Dash colors.

The hair bows, which you can’t see in this pic well, were rolls of ribbon in themed colors, tied onto ponytail holders.  I curled Catherine and Alice’s because Rarity and Pinkie have curly manes.

Joe’s costume was $15 at Target.  I wasn’t up to making a dragon costume when it was right there in front of me.

I was really very proud of myself for doing homemade Halloween costumes.  REALLY proud.  I’m not the creative type, though I have been getting better about homemaking things lately.  It’s like a combination of something my mother and my Nana would have done when I was a kid.  I’m actually learning to sew.  I think I’m making tutus for the cousins for Christmas.

A couple more pics.

The three pony girls.

Big Mac and Spike, who was surprisingly cooperative about wearing his costume even though he’s getting two molars.

Rainbow Dash.  I may wear this to run my 8K next month.

Big Macintosh.  Eeyup.  That’s hot.


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