November 5, 2012

Tomorrow’s Catherine’s first parent-teacher conference.  I’m nervous.  I never knew parents got nervous.  I am happy since she got her homework folder for the first time today, and it’s supposed to be customized to her abilities, and it’s just about what I thought.  Practice the easy words, work on some harder words.

Her class voted today for president, with voting booths.  She tells me that she voted for Mitt Romney, but Barack Obama won.  Her friend Seth voted for him.  She picks out Romney signs wherever we go.  She could not tell me why Seth or anyone else voted how they did, or what they were told to consider in making their pick.

We went to Sean’s half-marathon Saturday morning, the Virginia Running Festival.  I was extraordinarily proud of our timing.  Kids up about 7, play, breakfast, nap for Joe, clean up, shower, dressed warmly, and we headed out.  We got to Christopher Newport University, found a parking spot (not easy- I don’t know the campus well and I had no idea where the finish line was), strapped the smaller two into the stroller, and went looking for the finish line.  Wandered all the way across campus, eventually found where we were supposed to be, and the finish line was great.  Not crowded (they were funneling all the finished runners and families to a party area a field away), in the stadium on the track, and we could hang in the bleachers with other families.  It was a smallish race and not a lot of people there… most of them were just like me, wives with kids.  I could let the girls run around a bit, the Chik Fil A cows were there cheerleading, music, etc.  And we were there a perfect amount of time- 10-15 min- before Sean came in.  The girls got to run right onto the track to him.  He almost fell over and tried to hold himself up on Catherine’s shoulder, which was very cute.
Busy busy busy.  Church and visiting Sean’s office for family day yesterday.  Joe in church= hell.
JOE TURNED 1!!!!!  He got some baby toys (including a nifty multi colored flashlight the girls are all intrigued by), a car, and a bunch of clothes.  We had white cake with chocolate funfetti frosting.  HE ATE A LOT.

I did a turkey bowl for dinner on his birthday night and we shared it.  He loves the stuffing best… same as me.  That’s my boy.
He’s getting two molars on top.

He’s walking a lot.

He’s getting a rash around his mouth after eating.  I’m not sure what he’s allergic to, or if he possibly just has bad skin.


One Response to “Homework”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Could the rashy thing be due to the molars and the excess drooling??? I’m trying to remember Autumn but, heck, it’s been a while!

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