Things I Miss About Old Glee

November 30, 2012

Things I Miss about Glee:

1.  More Sue.  Doing stuff.  Wearing track suits.  Sue vs. Will.  Sue wackiness.  Sue’s cheerleaders doing insane stuff.  Sue with trophies.  Sue writing in her diary.

2.  Goth Tina.

3.  Lauren Zissis, generally, and specifically with Puck as a couple.

4.  Best episodes ever: The One With Britney Spears, and The One Where They All Get Drunk Repeatedly.  And the One With Lady Gaga costumes (mostly for Bad Romance).

5. Lots of Brittany saying stupid stuff.

6.  Weird couplings (in retrospect), such as Artie/Brittany, Sam/Quinn, Artie/Tina, Mercedes/Kurt, Puck/Rachel, Rachel/Blaine, and Kurt/Brittany.

7. Impromptu choir room performances.  And the nameless band.

8.  Terri Schuster.

9.  Coach Bieste having a large role not involving domestic abuse.

10.  Wacky judges at sectionals, especially season 1’s.

11.  The Warblers NOT containing evil masterminds, and just singing and dancing in a mostly innocently and somewhat gay manner.

Bonus: Things I don’t hate about this season (which are in far too small quantity):

1.  Sam.  I like doofus stripper Sam way more than early bland Sam.  I’m glad they brought him back after they got rid of him.  Also, the Sam/Brittany thing they’re working towards.  I’m just now reminded that they did kiss once in the past.  Santana no me gusto.

2.  Sarah Jessica Parker.  She’s delightful- like Carrie Bradshaw grew up and got nice.

3.  Principal Figgins.

4.  Whoopi Goldberg.  I keep waiting for her to dispense wisdom and wear a flat hat.

5.  It’s still keeping me up to date on popular music.  Without this damn show, I’d have no clue what was cool music-wise.  Still don’t know the names of any of the songs though or who sings them.

6.  Sugar and Dreadlocks Boy.  I’d rather have more of them than Boring New Girl, Mini-Puck, and Evil Bitch From Hell.

Second Bonus: Favorite Glee songs/performances ever (that I can list off the top of my head):

1.  Constant Craving

2.  Valerie

3.  Bad Romance

4.  Hand Jive (I think my favorite this season)

5.  Halo/Walking on Sunshine

5.  River Deep, Mountain High

6.  Toxic

7.  You Can’t Stop the Beat

8. My Life Would Suck Without You

9. Gives You Hell

10.  Lady is a Tramp


One Response to “Things I Miss About Old Glee”

  1. LB said

    For weird couplings, no Sam/Mercedes??

    I actually really, really like this season. I love Kitty, the new evil cheerleader. And I love Unique, even more than I like Blaine! Anything Unique sings, I’m a fan. My favorite number of the season was There Are Worse Things I Could Do, sung by combo Santana, Kate Hudson while seducing Brady, and Wade/Unique. I’m a huge Grease fan, so that probably has contributed to my love of this season so far.

    Rachel got really pretty recently. But I still dislike her, pretty much more and more each episode.

    Main thing I don’t love about this season is it feels really contrived that all these grads keep showing up. How often does *anyone* return to high school after graduating?

    Also, I had a revelation today that if Glee didn’t have music, I would never ever watch it in a million years because the plot is SO after school special-y

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