December 4, 2012

Joe: Walking, fast.  Climbing table and sofa, and mostly getting down safely.  Says “Dada” and sometimes “Mama”.  Smiley as heck.  Sensitive skin- gets rashy.  Such a flippin’ adorable smile.  Love certain people, gives the side-eye to others.  Still a hair puller and mouth grabber.

Alice: 3!!!!!  Speaking much more clearly and articulately.  Sweet and happy and still mostly just skipped the 2yo tantrum phase.  Still having accidents, though, and I use the word “accident” loosely, because I saw her pee herself very much on purpose the other night.  Obsessed with Pinkie Pie.  Behaved lovely at our family Christmas photo shoot.

Rachel: On/off behavior issues. Claps her hands over her ears melodramatically whenever anyone speaks to her sternly.  Has been very sweet the last few days and she’s quieter than the other two, which can be nice.  Goes on and off being the well-behaved one.  We don’t hear much about school- her teacher’s not quite as into it as C’s was last year.

C: Doing great at school.  Her sight words work have advanced and she’s passing AR tests at 0.7, which I suppose is 7/10 of first grade level.  She wanted me to send her friend Aubrey’s mom a letter asking her to have a playdate, which I did, but now more than half her class is down with the flu.  SHE’S NOT!  Yay for the flu shot!

Athletics: PF is not good.  It’s bad.  I’m going back to the podiatrist Thursday and telling him I’ll do whatever it takes to GET RID OF IT.  I’m enjoying Crossfit and would be happy to do that for a month while I stay out of running.  Sean’s doing well and adjusting to the new treadmill.  We had a lot of fun doing the Busch Gardens race- running through the park was awesome.

Christmas: Lots of Etsy shopping for the ladies, some crafting (including blankets) for the kids, and I’m not saying what for Sean.


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