December 9, 2012

2012.12 C christmas list0001

C’s Christmas list:

1- Rarity Cochllr

(Rarity Controller.  Alice got an RC car for her birthday featuring Pinkie Pie the My Little Pony.  C wants a Rarity one “So I don’t have to ask Alice when I want to play with one.)

2- Barbie.

3-Cat toy.

(Not sure what this means.  A toy for the cat?  A toy that is a cat?  Rarity has a pet cat.  Maybe something relating to that?)

4- Derpyhoovez toy.

(Derpy Hooves is my personal favorite My Little Pony.  I said I wanted a Derpy Hooves (not easy to find) for Christmas.  C decided she did too.)

5- Dora eame

(Dora game, presumably for her Leap Pad.)

6- Rarity game.

(Sorry kid.  Doesn’t exist.)

7- Sean toy

(Something for Daddy.)

8- A tiliKe toy.

(She told me.  Can’t remember.)

9- Mom toy

(Something for me.)

10- Aubrey toy.

(Her favorite friend at school.)

11- Catherine toy.

(Well, duh.)


2 Responses to “”

  1. neefp said

    If she wrote all that on her own she is my little girl!

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