Crossfit At Home

December 11, 2012

The new gym in my neighborhood’s too expensive for me to sign up.  Seriously a lot for out in the sticks.  So I’m going to their Saturday free workout, and for now I’m going to give working out at home a shot doing Crossfit WOD’s.

Today: 10 Rounds – 10 air squats, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 dips (completed in 20:53).  My arms are jelly.  I couldn’t do real pushups after the first round, couldn’t do knee pushups after the third round, and went to a long 10 count for a plank instead.  The dips were pretty pathetic later on as well.  I’m good at squats.

For reference later:

My plantar fasciitis is again under treatment.  This time prednisone, about a 2-week round.  Need new (stability) running shoes and need to wear something with support around the house.  I bought old lady slippers and put soft inserts in them.  At least I can make myself wear that- I can’t wear shoes around the house if you hold a gun to my head.  Keeping on the stretching, exercises, ice, golf ball rolling, mostly at work under my desk.

Crossfit’s fine as long as I’m not banging on my foot.  I’ve been sedentary for a couple weeks because I’m pissed about not being able to run but I’ve got to do something even if it’s (as Sean put it) “calisthenics” in the frog.  Not as much fun as working out at the Crossfit gym though.  The people are really nice.  But gotta do what I’ve gotta do.  And that’s concentrate on fitness generally until I can run again so getting back to it isn’t as much a shock to my system.  The goal is to start easing back in around Christmas/New Year so I can start training for the Shamrock in March.

(Other goal: look hot in the My Little Pony gear Sean bought me for Christmas.)


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