Overdue for an Update

January 2, 2013

Work: is work.  My end of the year review went well.  I continue to enjoy what I’m doing.  Just got admitted to the EDVA bankruptcy court, which will be something new and different.  2013 goals include building a forms and cases library, bringing up the knowledge level of my title assistants, learning bankruptcy and some other fun stuff, and working more with our NoVa office.

C: is doing awesome in kindergarten.   Really impressed with how she’s picking up reading.  She’s very considerate and helpful.  I think she has athletic inclinations.  Senses when I’m frustrated and asks what she can do to help.

R: Wants to be a gypsy girl or an artist when she grows up, and is actually artistic- at least, more than I am.  Note to self: do not attempt to squash creative right-brain tendencies just because I don’t understand them.  Also has a very sweet streak in her.

A: is just SO DAMN HAPPY.  And cute.  And adorable.  And probably the most socially charming of the bunch now that she can talk well.  She’s finally fully past her only-Daddy phase and loves to hug on me.  Her latest line: “Oh, NO!  What have you DONE?”

J: Loves me like crazy.  Sometimes says Mama and Dada, though we’re not certain they mean the right thing yet.  Waves, points, high fives, makes kisses, and today I swear he was hugging me on purpose.  Is super fantastic at going to bed.

Christmas: was great.  A’s old enough to get Santa now and C’s still way into it.  I bought Sean a Wii, which has mostly been played by me and the older girls so far.  I got a tablet and it’s awesome, and a watch and a ton of Rainbow Dash gear.  I am way into My Little Ponies.

Joe got his own pillow pet- a shark- and the shark taggy blanket I made him.  The girls got ponies and clothes.  We tried to keep it minimal- they have SO MUCH STUFF- and it seems to have worked out well.  C got a leather jacket I found at a thrift store.  R got a gypsy dress.  Sean got a GPS watch for running.

Sean: has all sorts of race plans.  😦  I’m trying to be supportive.  Poor husband not feeling well today.  We’ve been homebrewing and I’m trying to find a Wii game we can play together.

Fitness: Can’t run, and my first fitness goal for the new year is to get my foot fixed.  UGH.  But I’ve been Crossfitting and really liking it.  Tomorrow I’m going to try a pure cardio workout day of just Wii boxing for a half hour.  I also am going to jump back into eating clean after a couple weeks of holiday chaos.  I’ve been doing better and better on that all year, but I’d like to take it to another level.  I’ll be dragging Sean along with me (the kids are fairly hopeless for now, though I certainly won’t stop trying).  Less beer, less snacky foods, more protein and vegetables.  Less processed.


One Response to “Overdue for an Update”

  1. Deb Warren said

    You’re so awesome. I have faith that you’ll get your foot taken care of and be back running in no time. I’m hoping to get started…I’m a little concerned what with my ankle and all, but well, I have to do something.
    I need to get more moderated on the food thing, and more water drinking- I don’t do beer, but I like soda. So reducing that, and bumping the water would be good. And getting off my duff. That’s a bonus!
    I love reading your blogs and updates….they give me the boost to do something too!

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