Baby blankets

January 5, 2013

I think I mentioned making a taggy blanket for Joe.  He loves the pink ribbons on a nightgown of mine, so I made him a taggy blanket with the same color/texture ribbons, and then did it in shark fleece so it’s masculine.

C was around when I made Joe’s and got jealous.  It’s so soft.  Oh, the pretty ribbons.  I WANT ONE MOMMY.  I told her it was for babies, but got the wheels turning, and in early December hit the fabric store for stuff to make blankets for the girls.  They’re all in that super soft minky fleece.

Alice’s has solid light blue on one side and a girly skull and crossbones print on the other; Rachel’s has solid lavender on one side and pastel polka dots on the other; Catherine’s has solid hot pink on one side and a black, white, and hot pink floral print on the other.  I had all their names embroidered onto them and finally finished sewing C’s together tonight.

Yes, this was supposed to be for Christmas.  When I went to put them together Christmas Eve, though, I realized that the ribbon for C’s (black) was some sort of twill instead of satin.  Given that it’s for the taggies (I did a taggie “fringe” for the girls) and the WHOLE PURPOSE of ribbon taggies is to be soft…. it was not acceptable.  And I couldn’t give R and A their blankets without having Catherine’s ready.

So Joe got his shark blanket (which he loves) and the girls didn’t miss theirs.  (Even R, who was with me when I bought the fleece… kids don’t have great memories.)  But they’re done now.  Baby blankets for my big babies.

A was still awake tonight when I finished and I dragged her in here and gave hers to her.  “For ME?  A PRESENT?”  She was very excited to see her name and kept saying “Mommy, I LIKE IT!  I LOVE it!”  I wrapped her up in it and tucked her in.  God, that  kid is awesome.

I think I am going to tuck C and R in with their blankets before I go to bed tonight in a few and let them find them in the morning.  I’m all sorts of mushy about handmaking them something soft and cuddly and I’m positive they’ll love them…


One Response to “Baby blankets”

  1. Ah I know the mushy feelings 😉 I made each kid a quilt while pregnant (except for Sarah, i’m just now finishing it, poor third child). My mom made one for me when she was pregnant with me and we still use it today!

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