Cute Things My Kids Have Done Lately

January 5, 2013

Joe is becoming a mimic.  You blow a raspberry and he blows one back.  You make a growl and he growls back.  He finds peekaboo hilarious though he hasn’t really figured out how to do it himself… he will control YOUR hands in a game.  But nothing is as funny as when I get down on the floor next to him and bang my hands on the carpet right next to him.  He will fall over in hysterics.  I’m not sure why.

We were up late last night when our friend DC visited.  At 130 am, Rachel apparently sleepwalked out of her bedroom, went to DC, and said, “Uncle Dave, we don’t have any tacos!” in great concern.  I was largely impressed by this since she’d only just met Uncle Dave that evening for the first time since she was a baby.

Side note: none of my kids have ever had nightmares that I know of.  We don’t spook easily in this house.  They don’t freak out at movies either.

Alice has become very sweet and cuddly with me lately, and man, does she ever love My Little Ponies.  I can relate, kid.  She loves to sing the Pinkie Pie song and quote PP’s “Okie dokie lokie!” to everything.  Good thing I like ponies or it could be annoying.  But it’s adorable.

C is way into the Wii that I bought Sean for Christmas.  (So am I, actually).  The sports games are especially fun and she’s kicking my ass in bowling every time.  And I’m not letting her win.  I do have to go a little easy on her in swordfighting since we got the Sports Resort game today.  But I still don’t let her win.  I let her bang on me a bit before I knock her down.  Mean mom.


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