January 13, 2013

Took R with me to Cross fit yesterday morning.  They’ve put in a kiddy corral, which was jam packed with little girls ages 4-7 (and one baby boy. Not mine.). She was very good.

At any rate, on the way home I stopped for a worm.  This isn’t unusual for me.  On a rainy day…. I like earthworms.  Always have.  If the situation is appropriate, I will pick up a nice one and save it from the street.

We did that yesterday.  It was a nice big one, out in the road, and I felt bad for it.  I picked it up and it crawled over my hand and all around my wrist as we walked.  R was into it, but didn’t want to touch, though I offered multiple times. 

It was apparently a girl worm and was named Rachelbum.  Why?  Not a clue, but it was damn funny.  R picked a nice spot in our yard to release Rachelbum.  We talked a bit about how worms help the dirt.

In other R news, her new thing is to say she’s scared of anything she doesn’t want to do.  This includes going into her room to clean up.  Yes, shes scared of cleaning her room.  A has started to imitate this.  Great……


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